Our Experience Talks

At REIDsteel we’ve been designing and erecting bespoke aircraft hangars since the 1920s.

It all started with an order from Louis Blériot, the daring French aviator who was the first man to fly across the English Channel.

Today our customers include major airlines, aircraft maintenance companies, small airfields and individual customers with private jets in countries all over the world.

What REIDsteel can do for you

REIDsteel-90-years-of-experience-150x150We have an excellent reputation for the quality and cost effectiveness of our hangars and hangar doors, also we have our own patented method and apparatus that enables us to produce large span hangars for less.

So whatever the hangar design and wherever the location, our experienced team can help – the earlier you involve us the quicker you’ll have your hangar up and ready to use.

For more information, contact sales:
Tel: +44 (0) 1202 483333 • Email: sales@reidsteel.co.uk
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Recent Projects

REIDsteel Advantage

We have the knowledge of nearly a century of hangar design and construction, and all our hangars are designed to fully meet the individual needs of each client. Read more..

 Hangar Doors

REIDsteel design and manufacture our own hangar doors. If you have an existing hangar and only require new hangar doors, please see our hangar door section. Read more..

 Worldwide Delivery

Our export team has arranged shipping and erection of hangars across 130 countries, in some of the most remote and difficult to reach parts of the world. Read more..