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Car Parks

Every Airport needs steel framed car parking. Car Parks should be wide span steel structures so that no columns interrupt movement. They should be entirely hot dip galvanised for long maintenance free life. Preferably they should have a roof, as this is cheaper and better than waterproofing the decks. A roof stops long term cars being coated in AVTUR and dirt.

The advantage to building car parks in steel is that large clear spans can be used. This means that your car park is not littered with concrete columns which are a hazard when parking and often get in the way of parked car doors. The standard size for a European parking bay is 4.8m x 2.4m. The width of a roadway with a parking space either side should be 15.5m.

Sizing and dimensions of car parking spaces

Car parks can be made with permanent concrete decks or steel decks so they can be demountable.

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