Helicopter Hangars Design & Construction

helicopter hangars designHelicopters tend to be more expensive and more fragile when compared to equivalent fixed wing aircraft; therefore protection from the elements and other hazards are vital.

REIDsteel design and construct helicopter hangars all around the world. We can design and build a custom helicopter hangar for any type of helicopter flying today.

Below you will find links to various helicopter projects that we have completed – click on the links for further information.

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Helicopter Hangar Projects

Helicopter hangar for Surrey Air Ambulance

Surrey Air Ambulance is a vital emergency service for the people of Surrey and Sussex. Their new REIDsteel helicopter hangar in Dunsfold Park spans 16m x 16m, and is 6m high, this now enables them to run an efficient Air Ambulance service that can cover all areas of Surrey, as well as Sussex, and can deliver patients to the nearest hospital within ten minutes.

In addition to the hangar itself, REIDsteel provided all the accessories including the steel hangar door, which has 8 slabs on 4 tracks, giving an entrance 12m wide by 5m high. The door is manually operated.

Hangar for the Royal Naval Air Station, Culdrose, Helston Cornwall

This 2000m2 Hangar houses the Royal Navy’s new Merlin search and rescue helicopter.

The hangar has two sets of 6 leaf “cascade” type rolling doors, one set at each end, with outriggers to allow full width access. They are manually operated through a cable and gearbox mechanism turned by a large handle.

Helicopter Hangar for Scatsta Airport, Shetland Isles

helicopter-hangar-scatstaTo maintain its new state-of-the-art aircraft, a new permanent REIDsteel hangar is being constructed at Scatsta Airport. This will enable aircraft to be better maintained and housed overnight, as well as greatly improving working conditions for engineers.

The hangar is a 2 span propped portal framed building, 80m x 41m, with 7.5m clear height. The rear elevation has a full gable frame to permit future end extension, and the steel is hot dip galvanised.

Helicopter Hangar, Mauritania

This helicopter hangar was constructed for Woodside Mauritania. It is a multi-span, propped portal building with REIDsteel Archspan frames. The hangar measures 25m x 25m, and is 5m high, with two lean-tos on either side.

There are 5.5m outriggers on each side of the doorway, meaning doors can be rolled back to give maximum clear entry of 25m. Both the hangars doors and personnel doors were manufactured by REIDsteel.

REIDsteel also supplied a 2 tonne EOT crane for the hangar, as well as incorporating crane beams and rails into the steelwork.

Helicopter Hangar constructed for Summit Aviation at Manston Airport

This 6900 m2 Aircraft Hangar is being constructed in order to carry out helicopter and aircraft maintenance. The main Helicopter Hangar is 52m by 115m and the reception area is 22m by 41m. The curved roof consists of standard trapezoidal cladding and the waveform roof over the reception area is in colour matched aluminum standing seam.